Haydarpasa is a Farewell Place

When you say hello to the new, this is the place to say goodbye to what we left behind. Haydarpaşa is a farewell place. What you see is a farewell to a city and to a city. Rhythmic rattles of the trains, the whistle of the conductor tearing the ears, wagons waiting in line in the silos, the rushing rushing of the passengers, the seagull screams blown into the air, the hammer sounds in the workshops, the third-place passengers sleeping on the benches, the homeless who are the home, the owner of the carpet-saddle, Adviye Hanım, Ahmet Onbaşı Halil, Süleyman and Fuat with their hands cuffed, expatriates, Galip Usta with their huge suitcase in their hands, and 3 parts of them all at once. The rest will be emptiness, silence and distance.
aylak-1.jpg When he was never close enough to him, He is now getting further away. We don't know what happens after silence. Maybe they will have new guests, but we don't know if we will be among those guests. All we know is that after this silence, neither Him nor us will be the same. Everything new will come and sit quietly. To look beautiful to be adorned and embellished. Well, will you ever ask; Is everything new is good?…. ”
Aylak Camera Photography Club, one of our memories, was recorded by Haydarpaşa from today to yesterday. You will be able to watch this beautiful work in the video below.CLICK

Source : I kentvedemiryolu.co


Rail Industry Show 2020


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