Haremlik-selamlik is a metrobus?

There was interesting news in the last newspaper. Saadet Party has collected 60 thousand signatures for “Haremlik-Selamlık Metrobüs” and sent the signatures to Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş. Let's see how this application will be finalized. Meanwhile, they squeeze Kadir Topbaş. Last week, it was proposed to change the name of “Pierre Loti” hill to “İdris-i Bitlisi”.
In their petitions, women who use metrobus have experienced various problems due to the intensity of the vehicles and they have unpleasant discussions in the metrobuses due to these problems. 3 pieces of pink-colored metrobus for women who want to be placed on the expedition said. Women wishing to travel on the normal voyages of the vehicle, other women who want to be able to travel by using pink color.
Now a few questions come to mind.
1. Why distinguish between men and women in public transport? Can we also be allowed to move to private transportation in the future? Not with my brother's money? Can I just say I'm using pink for his money? Is this accepted? Or, in terms of gir freedom ğ, does it enter this freedom? I think he gets in. Some people should be able to travel safely as they wish after paying for the service. But is this correct in terms of olur equality Ancak? In other words, is it fair to be discriminated when buying a service for citizens? I think that at this point, in terms of sık discrimination ”,“ human rights ”problems may arise.
2. Why are metrobuses so crowded? Is it not enough? Is it unthinkable to put a ”subway Met on this line instead of the metrobus? Both the way is ready, clear. Traveling in crowded places makes the journey of air conditioners unbearable especially for children and elderly people. Ways to make the citizens comfortable and opportunities should be sought.
3. Why is society arguing in difficulty and fever? Doesn't society have to interact and interact? Will these differences ultimately harm society in the future? These questions should also be considered.
4. Why doesn't the municipality think about other solutions for transportation? For example, Havaray, Funicular, Ropeway, Metro Bridge to be installed on the throat, as well as the spread of Closed Areas to Vehicle Traffic.
Abortion debates in the country were in the line phase recently. People said, "My body is my decision." I have also given the right, the use of the headscarf is also the decision of women, as long as they have their own free decisions, nobody should be involved in daily life and while receiving service from the private or state, unless there is pressure, violence or coercion. While giving public service, the rules of the public must be valid. Secular state tradition needs to be preserved. But I think it is wrong to regulate public instruments as a discrimination between women and men both in terms of discrimination and human rights. Perhaps, in terms of positive discrimination, there may be a separate metrobus for the elderly, sick and children with children, the society can also understand this with understanding, but it may also be the ones who are dehydrating it. For this, maybe we need to put camera systems, maybe we need to make new systems that will lock the vehicle with remote control when there is a violation.
I think it is now necessary to approach issues on the basis of kal human rights, equality and freedoms,, without ever having to enter into religious discussions. Otherwise, things are going to be dead and the loser is still the country

Source: blog.milliyet.com.tr


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