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Master Kalem İbrahim Bulut "Continue with Light Rail System!" said
In my article, I tried to talk about Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's project about the light rail system with lips and indigestions that they could not remove. However, I saw from the reactions that I could not tell the gibi goggles enthusiasts ın as I wanted. I'm going to continue the topic of yesterday's article when I return my language in my article…
You know that tomorrow the Prime Minister is coming to Sakarya.
I am sorry to see that the Prime Minister cannot even accept the frequent arrival of the Prime Minister. While other cities are eager to host Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we continue to wear various handles with the coming of the Prime Minister.
In addition to serving and the infertile politics, we cannot see the leaders of the parties that do not contribute to Sakarya in Sakarya.
Last month, Republican People's Party leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu came for the CHP Sakarya Province Congress. In this organization, CHP Sakarya Deputy Engin Özkoç had a great contribution. In addition, the leaders of other political parties do not deserve to come to Sakarya.
MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli election election makes the speech on the square and goes. In other councils, the leaders of the parties come but they talk to very few people and they go. One more time that Allah will give you peace.
We do not want to come to Sakarya other general presidents do not want to water we do not want bread. They often have places above our heads. We don't have a word.
But I cannot solve the minds of those who handle the arrival of the Prime Minister '
Do not come to the Prime Minister to eat, wetting meatballs, to taste the darty sheep or to make chicken wings and shins in Acarlar Longozu! 19 is coming to Sakarya to open the facility. The opening of these facilities is of course very important. But more importantly, what they have to say in Sakarya. For a long time, Adapazarı Sugar Factory, which is a long time champion in terms of unresolvedness, will surely address the quota problem. We can expect a good news directly from the Prime Minister.
In addition, it can also refer to the transportation of the Sugar Factory and TÜVASAŞ. As a result, the Prime Minister had previously made statements about the Sugar Factory, but the progress had not accelerated. This time I'm very hopeful about this.
We have a big project ahead of us. Transportation Master Plan and Light Rail System Ulaşım
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on this subject, has a number of diaphragm caps that he will surely tell and prepare for nose bends.
Perhaps the Prime Minister will also evaluate the Sakarya, Turkey's agenda even before they can never tell in Sakarya. The removal of the Presidential System or Special Authorized Courts em
As a result, it is important for the Prime Minister to come to Sakarya. He fulfills his duty of loyalty to a city that has given him five deputies at least for the visit. I don't need to tell you what the Metropolitan Municipality does. There is nothing but no obstacles as we thought before writing what we didn't like and what we didn't.
In the face of the registered partisans of those who see everyone as themselves, there is no danger that our interpretations are self-evident. It can't even be mentioned Hatta
Greater Municipality is renewing in the Central Garage. It was a long time ago. But I think the process of arranging the passage was extended and the tender process of the garage was extended. These are my estimates.
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Summer-Yenikent Çark Deresi Recreation Project's 4. The construction of Aquapark, which was built within the scope of the stage study, is nearing the end. Aquapark will probably be opened by the end of June.
Let the Light Rail System stand on one side.
Even the aquapark, which was about to end, was not even a dream. It is done slowly. Sakarya is becoming an even more enjoyable city. I'm having a hard time understanding critics. The meat of Sakarya is clear. As such, should we not question the goodwill of those who are expecting a Miami or California performance from Sakarya?
Did we somehow sorgulamayal and emphasizes the good intentions of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey does not mind spending as usual to show his work as an ordinary citizen? What was the amount of protection the Prime Minister's protection costs?
No, sir, I don't know how much I know for the Istanbul Congress. Everyone can criticize what they want. But he has to take a good look at his criticism. The ridiculous situation is covered by this work.
What does it mean to raise the cost of the Prime Minister's protection?
Turkey Norway, Canada or Finland We compare the type of country did I wonder? A time comes, maybe we compare, but not now. You expect the prime minister to come by bike or something! Or I don't know the protection of the neighborhood coffee, 3-5 had taken with the young man.
I'm not trying to answer anybody, but the job goes back and walks around and wiggles the "salt dries" from plenty of bags. Easy to watch from the hills.
You have no problem Der
It is also difficult to wear handles to any work done at this time when a nail pistol is raised to the hometown.
Greater 2012 entered the year too fast. It's like a building site. A lot of sidewalks, streets, squares, buildings, projects. It forces everyone to put on a separate handle. But this is the purpose of the establishment of the zaten unclean handle takers ”association.
It's that or they'il find a handle and put them together.
Let's find what they can find the handles and the gift of the caps h

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