There is Gümüşhane on the cable car within the scope of the tourism center feasibility study project

The Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) supported the project es Gümüşhane Tourism Center Capability Study Turizm presented by Gümüşhane Municipality.
The Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (2012) was approved by the Municipality of Gumushane for the kapsamında Gumushane Tourism Center Feasibility Study X project.
Mayor Mustafa Gumushane voiced their ability to produce a ropeway to the land called is Mezra ş located in the city of Harşit in the city of Harşit, and will demonstrate the feasibility and profitability of creating a new tourism center in this area. a feasibility study. Within the scope of the project to be implemented; In this course, a detailed information about the profitability and feasibility of the tourism center including the cable car system, the 5 star hotel, the tennis court, the volleyball court, the basketball court, the cinema, the amphitheater, the local product stores, the tourist information and the orientation center will be analyzed. With this project, we aim to mobilize the historical, natural and cultural potential of our city, to reveal the alternative tourism models and sustainable tourism infrastructure, and to make our province a tourist attraction center by increasing the average number of tourists and the average duration of stay. Bu

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