Surprise from the Metropolitan: Green Grasshopper tram line

Büyükşehir Municipality, Bursa's traffic problem as an alternative to the agenda brought in the Sculpture-Inonu Caddesi-Uluyol-Kent Square-Wednesday Market-Ipekis-Stadium-Altiparmak-Cakirhamam tram line was a one-way transport transportation was criticized. However, the Metropolitan Municipality has started preparations for the Çekirge-Yeşil tram line, which will be two-way transportation.
T1 Line, which will make ring of silkworm wagons, is criticized for being one-way. But with the Green-Grasshopper Line, the first line will become double-sided. The T1 Line will be auctioned today. The 3 alternative was prepared for the stops. The decision will give public opinion Kar
In Bursa, the first major change that transformed the public transportation system from rims to rails was Bursaray. Today, the first stage auction will be made as T1 Tram Line and it will be the pioneer of the second big change in the city center.
Sculpture-İnönü Street-Uluyol-Kent Square-Wednesday Market-İpekiş-Stadium-Altıparmak-Çakırhamam-Sculpture in the 6.5 kilometers of the so-called Silkworm Bursa model wagons will be realized with the project as a one-way ring system.
Project ...
Apart from those who interpreted Bursa's concept of public transport as interpreters of us, there are also those who express their concerns and objections.
For example…
Necati Sahin, the President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, expressed his concerns at a press conference in the week.
One of the points of appeal, "One-way application will not be efficient," he said.
That's what he said:
A passenger who wants to go to Altıparmak from the Sculpture must travel the entire route. This means a loss of time in urban transportation. Bu
When Sahin said it, he had a justification. For those who want to go to the opposite direction of the route, the project to be auctioned today requires a complete tour of the tour.
In the first project, the metropolitan staff, in particular on the transportation axis, which is the main body of the city center, explains why one line is preferred:
Değil The tram project is not a one-time project. There are other stages of the project. The system will integrate and one-way troubles will disappear as they come into play. Devre
The first step, which would invalidate the first of those troubles or criticisms, was taken for action.
On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality went on the tenders of the T1 Line and started the preparations for the second line of Silkworm wagons:
Green-Grasshopper Line.
According to the project started, the tram on Yeşil-Setbaşı-Heykel-Altıparmak-Stadium-Çelikpalas-Çekirge route will go to the right of the road just like the first stage.
The sculpture-Altıparmak axis, which forms the main transportation backbone of the city center, will automatically become two-way.
The direction of going to Sculpture on Altıparmak and Atatürk streets will be passed through the T1 Line to be held today, while the section from Statue toStadium will cross the Green-Grasshopper Line on the right of the road in the second stage.
Thus, the two sides of the main axle will be transformed into a two-line system where access is provided.
That's why…
The team preparing the projects is waiting for sab some patience Proj.

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