German railway company to report Deutsche Bahn delays by e-mail

The German railway company, Deutsche Bahn, expanded its service over the Internet and launched an Bah alarm Deutsch service to ensure that all passengers are aware of delays in train travel via e-mail. Accordingly, every passenger who wishes to be aware of possible delays and technical failures will now be able to activate the alarm option for the relevant train journey. Passengers who want to be notified of the reservations need to make reservations or buy tickets.
Those who want to benefit from the new service launched today should register once in the system at Only the DB customers could benefit from the e-mail alarm service. The alarm option is activated two hours before the departure time of the train travel and reports the delays exceeding ten minutes immediately to the passenger. In addition to the delays, the system offers alternative train connections to the passengers as well as the negative developments in railway traffic by sending a second e-mail.

Source: Haberimport

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