Festival Children's Cable Car Enjoyment

3. International teams from four countries to attend the International Folklore Festival and Sahinbey Park ropeway ride, Miniatürk'i roaming and watching the music show with the light of the foreign teams admired Şahinbey Park.

For the festival, the foreign teams coming to Gaziantep for three days and the historical, touristic and entertainment centers of Gaziantep with the trip programs of the Municipality of Sahinbey, Romania, Kazakhstan, Macedonia and Indonesia teams from the guided festival is held in the Sahinbey Park Miniaturk took him on the cable car. Foreign teams, who expressed their admiration for Şahinbey Park, said: m It made us happy to have the festival done in such a beautiful setting, hayran it is a beautiful park. This is the first time we've taken the ropeway. We will come back with pleasure if we are called again next year. We did very nice trips for three days. We liked Gaziantep very much. Gaziantep

Source: Channel5



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