High speed train services with bus transfer from Ankara to Antalya

State Railways, this month in the high-speed train plus bus transfer Ankara-Antalya, Ankara-Alanya flights are launched.
In this way, at least 1 hours will be saved between the mentioned cities compared to the bus journey.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), high-speed train plus bus this month Indirect Ankara-Antalya, Alanya is launching the Ankara-time. With the start of the flights, Ankara-Antalya will decrease to 7 hours, Ankara-Alanya to 6 hours. Thus, compared to the bus journey, at least 1 hour time saving will be achieved among the mentioned provinces. Stating that these flights have reached the final stage in their activities, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said that the job is actually signing bilaterally with bus companies. General Manager Karaman gave the following information about the combined trips with YHT plus bus connection: “We carried out the first application of the speed of train plus bus transfer between Ankara and Bursa and reduced the transportation time, which reached 6,5 hours between the two cities, to 4 hours. With the same method, we are now launching flights between Ankara-Antalya and Ankara-Alanya. Business was mutually signed with bus companies. Expeditions will start right after the signatures. "
Karaman also stated that he would not buy separate tickets for the YHT plus bus transfer, and said, “Our citizens will be able to travel on the internet or by purchasing a single ticket with 10 percent discount from our toll booths or agencies. After getting off the fast train, the ticket will have a seat number, seat number, and even license plate number. Buses will wait for their passengers at Konya Station. Passengers getting off the train will take the bus and continue their journey by road. Thus, they will reach Antalya and Alanya in a shorter time. ” said.

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