Good News from Erdogan to the people of Erzurum

In his speech at the opening ceremony of 57 investments, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “We are building a logistics center in Palandoken with an area of ​​280 thousand square meters with a cost of 28 million 742 thousand. We completed the logistics center management building. We are planning to open the Logistics Center until 2014. ”
57 works in Erzurum with an investment of 450 trillion kazanStating that they are working hard, Erdoğan said, “Erzurum has completed major projects. In 2012, organizations were held at the international level. Ankara – Sivas high-speed train construction work continues. The high-speed train will also come to Erzurum, it will extend as far as Kars, we laid the foundation of the Ovit tunnel in Rize. With the tunnel we will build on the Ovit mountain, it is one of the longest tunnels in Turkey, the Balkans, and Europe. We connect the Black Sea to Erzurum. Both the Black Sea provinces and Erzurum will embrace, and the transit importance of Erzurum will increase even more. We strongly supported Erzurum at the point of higher education, Turkey's international observatory with the largest telescope in the region will be put into service in Erzurum in 2014. Erzurum witnessed a great leap forward in health. We are building a 700-bed city hospital, and we will start working in the coming weeks. We will finish and put it into service by the end of 2014. Do not worry, we will stand upright, we will not stand upright, we will say stop and continue on the road. With an investment of 48 million, we built a domestic and international terminal building, 2 runways, and an apron technical tower complex with a capacity of 14 aircraft at Erzurum Airport. We are building a logistics center in Palandöken on an area of ​​280 thousand square meters with a cost of 28 million 742 thousand. We have completed the logistics center directorate building. We plan to open the Logistics Center until 2014. We have solved the drinking water problem of Erzurum until 2025. In 1914, we took the Sarıkamış Allahuekber mountains, where our soldiers were martyred, under protection. We became one, we became one, together we became Turkey. We are going to a much stronger place hand in hand again. We will walk on the bright paths. We will not allow our unity to deteriorate," he said.

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