World Concert

The children of the world, who were in Ankara for Turkish Olympics, were the guests of TCDD General Directorate. Turkish poets who gave a mini concert to the railroad workers with their poems and songs received great applause.
This year, the International Turkish Olympics with the participation of one thousand 135 students from 500 became a partner in TCDD. Afghanistan to the Olympics, Algeria, Mozambique, Albania, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Romania and the Philippines also joined the students visited the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. The students first met with Deputy General Managers Veysi Kurt, İsmet Duman and the heads of departments in the meeting room. The delegation made a short presentation on how students prepared for the Olympics.
Deputy General Manager Veysi Kurt, students expressed satisfaction with the visit of the Olympics, said they were watching with pride. school students studying in Turkey, underlining that Turkey is represented across continents Kurt, love these students, stressed that enforcement of compassion and peace. Orum I remember people's love every time I watch you,. Said Veysi Kurt, who thanked everyone who contributed to the organization. Kurt giving information about TCDD, Turkey's High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) in operation in the world 8, 6 while in Europe. Recalling that the 2013, the Olympics will be held in Ankara, students who will go to Istanbul with YHT heralded.
Deputy General Manager Ismet Duman also emphasized the importance of Turkish schools abroad. Reminding that gained importance in the world of lobbying smoke, stressed that Turkey's natural representatives of the students who grew up in Turkish schools.
The students then went to the conference hall and gave a mini-concert to the railway staff. Students who read poems and singing in the hall gave support with applause. At the end of the concert railroad workers, students took pictures with plenty of memories. Following the cocktail given in honor of Turkish lovers, the program ended with the photograph taken in front of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways.

Source: Timeturk

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