World Level Crossings Public Awareness Day

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that they have created awareness on level crossings in the last 10 years and said, “Thanks to the studies and awareness raising, we have achieved a 78 percent reduction in the rate of accidents at level crossings. Our ideal goal is zero accident ”.
Karaman, AA correspondent, International World Railways announced by The Union and its member countries accepted by the "World Level Crossing People's Awareness Day" in that they had received in Turkey's active.
Stating that TCDD, which works with all stakeholders of the issue, especially local governments, non-governmental organizations, universities and police units, has created awareness on level crossings in the last 10 years, Karaman said, said their ideal goal was "zero accident".
As a result of TCDD's efforts to prevent level crossing accidents, 2002-2011, ILCAD within the body of UIC (World Railways Association)
(International Level Crosing Awerness Day - World Level Crossing Public Awareness Day) activities that actively participated in describing Karaman, said:
“World Level Crossings Public Awareness Day events aim to raise public awareness of the dangers of misconduct at level crossings. The first European Level Crossing Awareness Day events were held on 2008 June 28 with the decision taken by 25 countries that are members of the World Railways Association in 2009. In the following years, joint studies on level crossings were carried out on predetermined days in June every year. "
- "The train doesn't get on anyone's path and crashes" -
railways in Turkey that opened afterwards the level crossing to previously made in other ways, does not belong to TCDD these passages stating that belong to local governments and other public institutions Karaman underlined that they did not include level crossings by making underpasses and overpasses in the newly built line.
Stating that they are also working together with the institutions and organizations to which the pass belongs, Karaman emphasized that the train, which has a "transition advantage" according to the existing legislation, did not get in the way of anyone. Karaman said, “The train does not crash on anyone's path, on the contrary, vehicles get on the train and cause an accident. But still, the incident is perceived as a train accident, ”he said.
Karaman explained that although TCDD does not have the responsibility and maintenance authority, they have standardized 3 level crossings with the instruction of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım.
“Still, although there are barriers, there are drivers who unfortunately go in front of the train by breaking the passage arms and drawing 's'. We have been working for a long time to raise awareness. The railroads want this the most. The collision of every vehicle leaving the train due to carelessness and rule violations is reflected as a train accident. Our work and awareness-raising activities will save railroaders from being under suspicion. "
Stating that TCDD has also celebrated the World Level Crossing People's Awareness Day since this year, Karaman said, “We do not limit the activities to one day; We are launching a campaign to prevent ignorance about level crossings. We set up '131 TCDD Emergency Notification Line' phones to inform us of the accidents that occur at level crossings very urgently. "We are continuing our efforts for the announcement system that warns the drivers by cutting off the radio broadcast at the level crossings."

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