Railway Line Works

📩 24/11/2018 18:18

Zonguldak Karabuk railway line due to be done within the scope of the rehabilitation and signaling of the project for a period of about two months will be closed to 6 hour train traffic said.
It was stated that the Zonguldak Karabük railway line will be closed for two months. In the statement made by TCDD Deputy General Manager Erol İnal, due to the works to be carried out within the scope of the rehabilitation and signaling project of the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak railway line, the Zonguldak-Karabük line section between 04.06.2012 and 31.07.2012 between 10.00 and 16.00 It was stated to be closed. According to this, Express trains numbered 21631, 21632, 21633, 21634 were put on a voyage between Zonguldak and Karabük at 6.40 from Zonguldak to Karabük, from Karabük to Zonguldak at 5.05, from Zonguldak to Karabük at 18.35 from Karabük to Zonguldak. It was recorded that it will work at 18.15 hours.
It was stated that Balıkısık Station Chief Office, which is still closed, will be made open to train traffic during the works, and that the load flow to be affected will be closely monitored by the 2nd Regional Directorate, while the road will remain closed, and the loads will be advanced. In addition, it was stated that customers carrying out transportation will be informed on this line section.
In order to carry out the works to be determined in line with the work program to be determined, it is stated that the work zone will be controlled frequently, the trains to pass through the work places and the occupational safety of the employees will be provided by 2701.

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