Corum Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ASO'ya Railway and Defense Industry Ready for Cooperation

Çetin Başaranhıncal, President of Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ÇTSO), said that they are ready for all kinds of cooperation with the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) regarding the railway and defense industry and they expect ASO's support in this regard.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASO Nurettin Özdemir and members of the Assembly attended the June Assembly of the Çorum TSO. In the meeting, information was given about the economic structure of the businessman.
Çorum's export figure, taking into account the exports made outside Çorum approximately $ 300 million dollars in reminding TSO President Çetin Başaranhıncal, abroad and the growth of Çorum's willingness to work in this direction, stressed that the effort.
Later, ASO Chairman Nurettin Özdemir also talked about the historical process of the financial crisis in the world and stressed that the similarity of the crisis in 1930 is now happening.
Özdemir said that they took a shining star in the region of Çorum, and that they visited Çorum Organized Industrial Zone in Ankara. OSB was awarded as the cleanest OSB and Çorum believed it was worthy of this award.
Özdemir stated that they received the cleanest OSB award by the Ministry and said: ı In this award, Çorum has its signature. We sweep the OSB with the modern tools of Erdemli Makine. ”, Pointing to the development of the Çorum industry.
"Turkey Arab Spring living in the country and has become the hope of Abu countries," said President Ozdemir, Turkey has attracted the attention of the whole world that as a shining star among the two regions, from a meeting in Germany of the mark first in the country to be invested in Turkey he expressed pride.
Özdemir pointed out that the activation of the Samsun port is of great importance for Ankara, especially Çorum and surrounding provinces, adding that he believes that Çorum is one of the front provinces in terms of railway and airport.

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