Construction of Marabda-Kartsakhi Section of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line Completed

The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Ramaz Nikolaishvili, stated that the company has been constructing the main lines and three stations along the route: şirket Very soon, passenger and cargo transportation will be started by this railway. This is certainly the shortest route between Europe and Asia. We receive orders for freight transport. The BTK railway line is now a reality. BT
Cavid Gurbanov, Director of the Azeryolservice Company of the Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan, who described the ICTA as BT The Project of the Century ı, emphasized that this railway line is of great importance for the countries in the region.
Azerbaijan related to the construction of the BTK, Turkey on February 8 2007 between Georgia and the final document was signed in Tbilisi. The construction of the new railway line was started at 21 November 2007. For the construction of the Georgian section of the railway line, Azerbaijan has allocated 1 million dollars to the Marabda-Kartsakhi Railways of Georgia with advantageous conditions (25 interest and 200 annually). This source 29 km long in Georgian territory with the construction of a new road and wheels changing station on the border with Turkey to be used in the restoration of the old road.
In addition, the Akhalkalaki region with Turkey's borders Changing the direction of the tunnel will be built in the area between and Maraba in-Akhalkalaki section 160 km of the renewal of the existing railway line and reconstruction of the order of Azerbaijan to Georgia percent annually 5 interest and 25-year maturity 575 gave additional credit in million dollars . BTK project is realized with the support of Azerbaijan State Oil Fund.

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  1. It is understood that only containers are transported on the KTB line. On this route, we need to have normal (1435) line wagons compatible with wide error. Tccc should urgently produce freight wagons that can go to wide error with the help of changing the bogie or adjusting it from the axle. and wagons bring rent. (nor this article must be published, do not cancel the article)