Crazy Project Made More Crazy With Havaray

📩 24/11/2018 18:28

According to Köseler's project; In order to provide access to both sides of the channel to be opened, an air rail system will be installed, and Mechanical Engineer Basri Köseler made a study to contribute to the Istanbul Canal Project of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Thus, the foundation of the channel will be ensured, as well as passenger and cargo transportation.
Basri Köseler, who said that he made the risk and cost calculations, sent the project to Prime Minister Erdogan; However, he said that he has not received any response so far. Köseler stated that it has completed the project of the first domestic nuclear aircraft carrier designed for the channel to be opened and presented it to the authorities.
Lecturer Basri Köseler, who has implemented 160 of 50 projects he has developed and approved to date and has written 55 books in his 87 years of mechanical engineering life, starts to work every day before the morning prayer and works 20 hours a day. Köseler produces projects, makes models and writes poems within this period. Basri Köseler, who adheres to the tradition of Ahmet Yesevi, also does his own internal accounting in the grave he dug in his garden. Köseler also continues its works in the 12-meter wooden tower built on the walnut tree in its garden. Donating his 87 books and 160 projects to the Union of Engineers, Köseler said that his only wish is that his works will be beneficial to future generations.
Offering solutions to many problems among 160 projects developed so far, Köseler stated that the projects it produced are still used in State Railways, municipalities and private sector organizations. Köseler stated that according to the project he prepared, about 50 kilometers of canals will be opened from the Black Sea to the Marmara. While opened, I have two air rail systems to the right and left. On the one hand, passengers will be transported. On the one hand, the load will be carried. This will make the ground stronger and speed up the paying time of the project. I immediately started the project when the idea was put forward. First, I made simple calculations. Then I made the model. After the model, I made risk analysis and cost calculations. I made the feasibility calculations. he spoke.
Basri Köseler, who designed a domestic nuclear aircraft carrier within the scope of the project, said that the ship in question could easily pass through the new channel to be opened from Marmara to the Black Sea. Stating that he sent an information letter to Prime Minister Erdoğan about the project, Köseler informed Mr. Tayip about this. I sent them a summary of the project along with my books. He said, "I do not know if it has reached or not." He stated that the Turkmen YHT project, the first local High Speed ​​Train, prepared and carried its reports, and he expected news from the authorities about the result of both the channel expansion project and the Turkmen YHT.

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