The Lowest Offer to Bursa's Tram Line From Spanish

Spanish Comsa SA made the lowest bid for the section of the T1 Tram Line, which was put out to tender by Bursa Transportation Inc. (BURULAŞ), covering the Stadium- Altiparmak- Sculpture- Uluyol- City Square, with 17 million 978 thousand liras.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Durmazlar The tender process for the first stage of the Stadium - Altiparmak- Sculpture- Uluyol- Kent Square T1 Tram Line, which will be carried by the "Silkworm" tram produced with the cooperation of machinery, has been initiated. While 13 companies received specifications for the tender, 6 companies submitted bids.
BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy said that they have been working on the tram line project since 2002. Fidansoy said, “The garage of the T1 Tram Line will be built in Kültürpark, behind the warehouse building İpekiş. The second stage will extend to Bursa terminal. Scissors will be left on the T1 Line and then extended to Kanalboyu. Its total length will be 6 thousand 455 meters, 13 stations, 2 workshops and warehouse roads, 15 trusses, 13 transformer buildings and 4 mobile lines. The opening price of the tender was 25 million 255 thousand liras. 13 companies bought specifications. 6 of them attended. One of the envelopes was not suitable for the tender, so it was not included in the tender. ”
Fidansoy, the companies participating in the tender and the prices announced as follows:
“Italian Coopsette So. Coop offered 41 million 645, Gülermak firm 25 million 904, E + M 21 million 471 thousand, Spanish Comsa SA company 17 million 978 thousand, Öztimur Yapı 21 million 621 liras. These offers will be evaluated and a tender will be given to the most suitable company. We are planning to complete this project within 10 months, and to carry passengers in April next year. It is possible to lay 1.5 kilometers of rails per month in a flat area. However, problems that may arise in the infrastructure can cause trouble. ”
Stating that they will determine the company that received the tender in a few days, Fidansoy also responded to the claims of Necati Şahin, Head of Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers.
Levent Fidansoy said, “In the city of Ulm, Germany, trams run to a 9.1 percent incline. So there will be no problem with the slope. Line T1 has been approved by DLH, including the Bursa terminal. We have been working on tram lines since 2002. We worked on 8 different tram lines. The third stage of this line is the tram line that will reach Yeşil-Çekirge and Mihraplı Park. There will be two round trips, and therefore a tram line will be laid in Altiparmak direction. When all tram lines are completed, Bursa will have 3 kilometers of tram lines. We aim to complete this project completely in 120 years. The second phase of the T10 Line will start at the Terminal Line, followed by the Green Grasshopper Line. ”

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