Cable Car Switches to Summer Schedule in Bursa

9 June 2012 Daylight saving time is started on Saturday.
The expedition hours of the cable car, which has been one of the most important symbols of the city for 48 years in Bursa, have been rearranged with the end of the winter season. According to the summer schedule, which will start on Saturday, June 9, the first time the cable car will be held at Teferrüç Station at 08.00 and from Sarıalan at 07.50. The last trip to Sarıalan will be at 22.00 and the return flight to Bursa will be at 22.20. The cable car, which will move every half an hour until 10.00 am in the morning from Teferrüç to Sarıalan, will then run once every 40 minutes. Upon returning to Bursa, the cable car, which will move every 09.40 minutes until 25 in the morning, will run every 09.40 minutes between 22.20 and 40. On the other hand, when the number of passengers is 30, the cable car will move without waiting for the departure time.
On Wednesday and Friday, Halkalani will go to Sarıalan X return full ticket 15 TL, citizens will travel to 20 TL on other days and 7 will pay 12 for 50 age group.

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