Bursa T1 Tram City Square – Sculpture Line Details

Bursa T1 Tram City Square - Sculpture Line Details
Bursa T1 Tram City Square - Sculpture Line Details

📩 29/11/2021 22:33

BURULAŞ-BURSA ULAŞIM TOPLU TAŞ.İŞLT.SAN.VE TİC.A.Ş. The Kent Square Sculpture tram, which was put out by the tender, is the first line for Bursa to carry real passengers. We congratulate General Manager Levent Fidansoy, who previously signed a successful project with Nostalgic Tram.
The auction is as follows:

Bursa T1 1 Stage Tram Line, current line total length 6455,691 meter, is a single line route, 13 station, 1 workshop building, 2 warehouse road, 2 workshop road, 15 scissor, 1 cruiser, 3 transformer building production along with Cumhuriyet Street Nostalgic Tram Line constitutes the intersecting rail system. In addition, 4 pieces pocket lines have been designed in suitable places for emergencies.

Among the curiosities are the location of the station stops and the architectural structure. Station locations:

1. Station Stadium: In front of Atatürk Sports Palace on the stadium street,
2. Station Sixfinger: At the beginning of Altıparmak Avenue,
3. Forklift Station: In front of the Koz Kebab restaurant opposite the Sahabettin Pasha Mosque
4. Station Inns: On Cemal Nadi street, across from Zafer Plaza,
5. Station Ulucami: On Atatürk Street, Ulucami Bazaar, in front of Ziraat Bank,
6. Station Sculpture: On the Atatürk Street, in front of the Protection Office,
7. Station Kayhan: On İnönü Street, in front of Durmaz and Hüseyin Business Center
8. Station Demirtaşpaşa: In front of Demirtaşpaşa Industrial Vocational High School on İnönü Street,
9. Gas Stations On the street of İnönü, Prison Sok. against
10. Station SGK: End of İnönü Street, front of SGK
11. Station Courthouse: On the street of the Cyprus Martyrs, in front of the courthouse, Yıldırım District Gendarmerie Command,
12. Station Uluyol: On the street of Kibris Sehitleri, between Guven and Filiz
13. Station Switchboard: At the beginning of Uluyol Street, in front of Yapı Kredi Bank,
14. Station Square: On the street in the spring, against the Shopping Mall in Kent Square
15. Station Spring: In front of the Provincial Directorate of Foundations,
16. Station Merinos: On Darmstad street, right across the street,

The tram will use the right lane of the streets. 16 will be eliminated from the 3 units mentioned above and the new Sculpture tram with 13 units will serve.

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