Agenda in Bursa City Council Tram System in Bursa

Bursa City Council organized by the 'Bursa Speaks' meeting, 'Bursa Tramway System' will be discussed.
Bursa City Council organized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will participate in the 'Bursa Speaks' meeting, this time the agenda will be ş Tramway System in Bursa Bursa. 29 "Friday" will be discussed at the meeting, which will be held on Friday at 14.30 in the Presidential Hall of Atatürk Cultural Cultural Center (Merinos AKKM).
Bursa City Council President Semih Pala said that they put the tram system in Bursa on the agenda of the 'Speaks to Bursa' meeting, which is aimed to ease the transportation in the city.
Stating that the relevant parties will attend the 'Speaks Bursa' meeting and will inform the public about the topics that are curious, Pala said, “As Bursa City Council, we are bringing every issue concerning Bursa to the agenda. We forward the results to the relevant institutions and follow the ideas conveyed. We invite all those who have their opinions and suggestions to the “Bursa Speaks” meeting. ”

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