Planned to establish a cable car line between Gölcük and Karacasu in Bolu

Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz, Gölcük nature park, will be the center of attraction in the world of the lake to be made between the hotel and the town of Karacasu to plan a cable car line by specifying the project was sent to the ministry said.

Yilmaz made a statement to the press about the tourism activities in Bolu and said that Bolu is a university and a tourism city.
Yılmaz, who stated that Gölcük Nature Park was taken over from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, stated that Bolu Municipality has two projects related to Gölcük Nature Park.
Yılmaz said that the most beautiful place in the world as a natural beauty is Gölcük, cük But Bolu cannot benefit from it. On the outside of the lake for the day that goes to the puddles. We want to come to the man who comes to the pond in a need to come again. Let him have a peaceful day. H

Emphasizing that there is a study about the construction of a boutique hotel in Golcuk, Yilmaz said, u There should be a small hotel, but don't disturb the lake. This is a cable car line between our hotel and Karacasu. This project was sent to the ministry. Bolu will win a lot if this project is implemented. The money entering the pocket of Bolu tradesmen will increase by several more.
Golcuk Nature Park will be the center of attraction of the world, Göl he said.

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