Minister Binali Yildirim: Ankara metro 'Ya Bitecek, Ya Biz Bitecegiz' he said

Metro, who can not complete the construction of the Anakent Mayor Melih Gökçek'a local elections in the 2014 to save the Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, the Red Crescent and Cayyolu metro will end next year, said: "This project will be finished or we will be finished" said.
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, was the guest of İş Agenda 06 X meetings organized by Ankara Young Businessmen Association (ANGİAD). He evaluated the stage of the metro projects in Ankara. Yildirim, Kizilay-Cayyolu line will be completed next year by expressing, "This project will be finished or we will end, understand that we entered so ambitious," he said. Yildirim-Sincan line will be completed at the 2013 Yildirim, Tandogan-Kecioren line themselves a little more to work, 1.100 meters of tunnel work and will be completed in 2014 said.
Yıldırım said that the project will be completely defeated by Sincan-Kayaş line and the number of lines will be increased to 5. Within the scope of the project will be done 3 garage will be done, said there would be no level crossing along the line. Minister Yıldırım said Ankara and Izmir are among the fastest growing 4 cities in the world. Di We don't have a problem with the airport in Ankara, Yıldırım he said. Ankara Esenboga Airport in the long term to respond to all kinds of requirements indicating that the Minister Yıldırım, "a new airport in Ankara does not need," he said.

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