Bangladesh delegation visits IETT

The delegation from Bangladesh visited IETT and got information about public transportation services and metrobus in Istanbul.
MAN Siddique, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Bangladesh, and a five-member delegation of transportation and environment managers, visited IETT for the Metrobus line in Dhaka, Bangladesh and visited the Akyolbil Center and metrobus line in the Kağıthane Garage. Then, IETT 's head office located in the headquarters of the general vice president of the guests who came. Hasan Özçelik and Maşuk met with Mete met with the role and importance of municipal and local government in mass transportation and metrobus. In the presentation, metrobüs line costs, ticket fees, environmental awareness, infrastructure were discussed.
At the end of the meeting where mutual cooperation was decided, MAN Siddique and the accompanying delegation were given a nostalgic tram model and various gifts.

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