Minister Bayraktar '3. Bridge 'description

Answering the questions of the participants, Bayraktar said to a question with the energy certificates of the newly built buildings: 'Currently, the newly constructed buildings cannot obtain a resettlement permit if they cannot obtain an energy certificate. We will take this a little further. We examine the situation in Germany. "Some 2 old buildings have been mantled and received certificates from us." Bayraktar, a participant, "I am seriously worried that the 500rd Bridge project, which will cross the Belgrade Forest, will kill the forests with the lungs of Istanbul." If you cut a tree, you have to create at least 3 times that tree. This is a road, itinerary, its own conditions. It is almost impossible to change its route. You have to do this. Of course we criticize us, 'Forests are being destroyed, 1.5. whether the Bosphorus Bridge', true, but what will happen if we do not transport 'Lock to Turkey. We will be more intertwined with Europe now. How the TIR traffic coming from Europe will go to Anatolia without entering Istanbul 'Then the carbon dioxide that the vehicles in the traffic give to the atmosphere is more. Both oil goes, money goes, stress also, our prosperity ceases. In addition to the negativities of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, it has a lot to be. So what do we do then, we won't stop in big cities. We cannot say to these people, 'Don't come to Istanbul'. There are 3 bridges over rivers in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. We have no other choice. The more sensitive you are to the tree, the more sensitive we are and we will plant at least 20 times the tree. Our Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs has a serious sensitivity on this issue, and our Ministry of Transport has a very serious sensitivity, our Prime Minister has a sensitivity. We have to create at least twice as much new forest as the road here passes through the forest area. 2rd Bosphorus Bridge, is essential for Turkey. Turkey will provide a very significant contribution to economic care and will also increase the green Istanbul. Make sure of that. ”

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