European Standards Suitable for CEN Olympos Cable Car Technically Exciting

In accordance with European standards CEN, the ropeway technology guarantees a journey away from the daily routine at a light wind height. Olympos Ropeway 4350 meter is one of the longest ropeways in the world with its line length. Olympos Teleferik has been built by Doppelmayr / Garaventa Group, a leading company in the planning and construction of cable cars all over the world, under very rigorous conditions.

Security throughout the whole line
Ropeways are one of the safest vehicles in the world. It provides a number of different safety devices. Mechanisms that can be used in emergency and emergency situations ensure that the cabins are safely brought to stations in case of emergency, for example in case of power failure. If the ropeway is completely blocked, passengers must be evacuated from the cabins. It can be constructed with rope pendulum assembly mounted in the cabinets. It is possible to evacuate passengers with basketed helicopter in good weather conditions. If the distance to the rope is too high, an independent recovery line with the capacity of 25 is activated.
Our ropeways are two vehicles consisting of a rotating motion mechanism, ropes and cabs. These vehicles are moved on the tow rope with the tow rope. These ropes are fixedly mounted on the mountain station, and on the line, they pass through the rails and are stretched by the weights at the sub-station.
The mechanisms acting on the transport of the vehicles are connected to each other by the attractive rope. At the lower station, the rope is driven by the motor and at the opposite station is loaded with a tension weight.

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