Nostalgic Anger of Antalya residents Does Not End

The Nostalji Tramway, which runs reciprocally between the Lights and the Beach Park, reacts to the late start of the voyages. Transportation Inc. we want to hear the voice of a moment ago we want to take care of the issue, '' he said.
Unending Anger
The rage of the people of the tram to the Nostalgia tram. In the early hours of the summer, especially in the early hours of the tram stops in front of the citizens who were waiting to start the reaction showed. Angry citizen who does not want to give his name, mek from old to young people from his student to his teacher in the early morning to ride on this tram by waiting to wait half an hour. In the early summer hours, the voyages are shabby. Inde Another angry citizen, who did not want to give his name, said, imiz Are we all missing a nostalgia? In the morning in the waters of the 06.00 beach, the citizens who want to go to the beach park waiting for the tram arriving both angry and rebellion. Authorities should take the tram service in the summer especially in the summer time, Yet he said.


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