4 Monthly Continuous Traffic Trouble Begins in Ankara

4 monthly traffic ordeal has started in Ankara ana The main vessels of the capital traffic have been closed due to metro operation çalış Moreover, 4 has been closed for months… So, which roads are closed and where are the alternative routes? Here are the details metro The metro works taken over by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continue…
However, due to the works on the metro line, especially the drivers, the capitalists have a hard time.
N 4 monthly traffic ordeal of capitalists has started birçok Many roads have been closed to traffic due to the subway work… ”
In the 300 meter section of İnönü Boulevard which is closed to traffic; The vehicles coming from Kızılay direction will enter Necatibey Street from İnönü Boulevard…
Iz We are now on Necatibey Street. One of the points closed to traffic is the general staff junction… 85 to the right next to the drivers who want to go in the direction of Eskişehir. will return to the street… will be fevzi Çakmak Street… ”
Drivers, 85. Street and then turn left again next to the DSN 87. They will reach İnönü Boulevard from Cadde….
The vehicles that will go to Kızılay and Çankaya from the direction of Eskişehir Road will turn into Merasim Street opposite the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works of İnönü Boulevard and reach Dikmen Street in front of the Ministry of Finance and then to General Staff Junction.
Inönü Boulevard, in front of the General Directorate of Highways, Eskişehir Road and Söğütözü street intersection and underpass at the point crossing the road between the armada dönüş
The road from Söğütözü to Çukurambar under the bridge will be used in two directions.… Drivers coming from the Konya road AŞTİ direction to Çukurambar can follow Ufuk University Street Cad. Drivers think that alternative roads are inadequate…
“The closed roads give the drivers a hard time X 1443 is the drivers coming from Söğütözü Çukurambar and going to the Red Crescent. from the street to Eskişehir road… ”
Drivers who want to come from Necatibey Street to Eskişehir direction will be able to reach the İnönü Boulevard by following the Youth Street, Akdeniz Street and Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Street….

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