Ankara -Sivas High-speed train will start trial flights at the end of 2014

AK Party Yozgat deputy Ertugrul Soysal, said that the discussions about the location of the hospital hospital 400 to be done in Esentepe, said: The location of the hospital was determined. The required ground survey and feasibility studies are over. Project completed. This debate disrupts services.
Başer said that one of the two most important projects of Yozgat is the airport and the other one is the high-speed train. Havaalanı The construction of the high-speed train project continues rapidly. During our meeting with the Minister of Transport, we were told that the high-speed train would start trial flights at the end of 2014. Location of the airport is currently being carried out. 3 location was determined in the first place, technical research is currently being done about the suitability of the airport in these designated places. İlk

Source: Yozgat Domination

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