Ankara Metro 21 Meter Cracked More

Ankara 21 meters were more cracked The team of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, who made the inspection, was not allowed to migrate to the 20 team.
Engineer team, 9 meters ahead 21 meters in the examination has found a crack cracking
In Ankara, Inonu Bulvarı'nda occurring last week, the 9 meter is growing. Chamber of Civil Engineers 20 a team of people wanted to examine the dent, but did not get permission. Selim Tulumtaş, President of the Ankara Branch of the IMO, said that the 21-meter cracking seen in the garden of the Air Force Headquarters building was a cracking-related crack, but that it should be technically examined for a detailed analysis of the situation.
Yesterday yesterday, the information about the VATAN information Tulushsh, Ministry of Transportation, wrote an official letter to the Ministry of Transportation yesterday morning before going to the area to go to the ministry asked for the permission of the official permission letter, but they themselves "We can not examine your article because the Undersecretary, waiting" received the response said . Reminding that the construction area was kept for a long time without any work, Tulumtaş said, yapıl The construction was taken over by the Ministry of Transportation. In this respect, our main address is the ministry. But the Metropolitan Municipality, which holds the authority and responsibility for so many years, cannot keep the responsibility out. Yetki Tulumtaş, m 27 2002 2 began the work on the Red Crescent-Çayyolu (M2004) metro line, 2005 in the year of the Metropolitan Municipality has stopped working as a result of cutting the cut and stopped working in 2011. From this date, until the date of December XNUMX was transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, there was no maintenance, control, and, in a sense, was left to the fate of the Metropolitan Municipality. After the Eskişehir Yolu was closed to traffic and new works were started without the necessary security measures on the aboveground site, this process occurred due to new studies, yer he said.

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