The construction of the Çayyolu subway, which the Ministry of Transport takes over, begins on Sunday.

This Sunday will stop life in the capital
Because the most traffic load of ankara, and in a sense, the importance of life in the continuation of a part of the Eskişehir road will be closed to traffic.
because the Ministry of Transport can not make the municipality, the construction of the Çayyolu metro, which it has taken over, starts on Sunday.
I've been in Ankara for a few days now. Enchantment is great and everyone is talking about what to do when they go out and work. 4 is not clear what will be the alternatives to the road that is said to be off aty.
ankara's traffic was already awful. the size of the already small city in Istanbul almost as much as the car would be on the road. ankara'da almost every day of the day we are experiencing a traffic hell, we think it was something istasnbula self-intention in ankara agirdik big.
now the most burden on the road to think about what could happen when the state began to panic panic began.
I suspect that there will be improvement in this traffic hell after the subway has been opened. because as far as I can see, there is a love of a car in the capital, most people do not use metro and public transportation. the number of young people with cars is very much. I'm afraid that in ankara, the traffic will come to a halt for a few years.

Source: Habertürk

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