Light rail system project between City-University in Sivas has become mandatory

Abdullah Peker, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Transportation and Railroads, said that the light rail system is no longer inevitable for transportation between the city and Cumhuriyet University.
Peker noted that the number of students of the Republic University reached thirty-five thousand, in addition to the administrative staff of the faculty member and employees with the staff of the university has become a city of thirty-nine thousand people, patients and relatives of patients added that the forty-five thousand reached the number of voiced.
Peker mış With the current transport system, we have repeatedly told you that this work cannot be solved. As it is known, we had a light rail system project between the City University as a union. It has been our duty to bring this issue back to the agenda after the project has not received any interest from the authorities. It is not an event that suits our age for students, patients and their relatives to travel in Buses as a packed fish farm.
Although the current University administration knows the issue closely, they didn't help our union, and they didn't even ask me what was on the phone.
Peker light rail system in many provinces of the lack of passenger transport in Sivas or lack of difficulty in understanding the lack of Peker said olm I think there is another province closed and insensitive to Sivas as far as projects.
Bureaucrats of this province Deputies do not need to spend time in solving this transportation problem? University employees and students looking for solutions to their own problems by calling our union or personally if they provide support in the point of solution would not be better if the public? I think these indifferent thoughts have made the village of Sivas our governor. Val

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