The Biggest Problem for Disabled People in Konya is Tram

Için With the entry into force of the law, we are expecting 7 to be filled in July as the visually impaired people will enjoy our lives. There is a very short time to expire. When we evaluated the people who didn't and could not be done in Konya, sidewalks were arranged in many regions, and arrangements were made for the transition of the visually impaired and other disabled groups. As the visually impaired, we are attracting the biggest problem in public transportation. In 2005 we had a suggestion, we couldn't travel on the tram. Tram is actually the most ideal means of transportation for us. We are experiencing serious difficulties in municipal buses and minibuses. While waiting at the bus, a bus goes in a few directions. Because we do not know which neighborhood to go, we are experiencing serious problems in minibuses or buses. We ask citizens for help, and most of the time we are faced with various humiliating and degrading situations, such as our blind citizens, who are blind. Our suggestion is to ensure that we can use trams in a way not to disturb the society and to bring a stop sound system to buses. If this system is implemented, we can take the minibus and the buses. In addition, the bus stop, as well as the trolley stop at which stop should be heard. It is the basic rights of our public transportation people in particular. The legal period is over. Transient 5378 of 3. is related to public transport. Konya Metropolitan Municipality is under obligation. We look forward to when these works will be done. We also have friends who see a little. If the line numbers are written in large numbers, we can see comfort. Solving the problems of public transportation will be an indication that Konya is a metropolitan city'n.

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