58 Degree Rail Temperature Road Renewal Work Continues

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Road Department and carried out by employees of road renovations, continues despite the extreme heat. Road staff devotedly renews the rail temperature up to 58 degrees. Özden Polat, Chairman of the Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Association (YOLDER), whose headquarters is located in Izmir, visited the region where the railway renovation works between Manisa and Akhisar were carried out. YOLDER Secretary General İbrahim Alper Yalçın also attended the visit, accompanied by İsmail Karakoç, the Road Maintenance and Repair Manager of Balıkesir.
YOLDER President Polat said that the renovation work between Manisa and Akhisar was carried out within the scope of the Menemen-Bandırma Signaling Project. Polat said that the 13-kilometer project, which started on June 2012, 52 in the region, is planned to end on September 19. Explaining that superstructure filling was made within the scope of the project, rails, ballasts and traverses were changed, Özden Polat stated that the work would cost 32 million liras. Noting that 60 people worked in the road work, he said, “All work is done for the modernization of the road. 52 kilometers of work is done with modern devices called road renewal machines. When these renewals, which are the first step of the signalization study, are completed, the trains in the region can continue their flights without waiting for each other. Thus, time losses will be prevented. ” said. Emphasizing that 720 meters of roads are renewed between Manisa and Akhisar daily, Polat said, “Employees are working with great devotion. The temperature of the rails reaches 58 degrees during the day. Despite this, roadworking never stops. The works, which started at 09.00:17.00, continue until XNUMX:XNUMX. ” He spoke in the form. Polat added that train services continue in the evenings at a slower pace in the area where road renewal is made.
Noting that there are 152 level crossings on the Menemen-Bandırma line and 33 level crossings on the Manisa-Akhisar road, YOLDER President Polat said that the renovation works will also improve the level crossings. Explaining that all the level crossings will be controlled with the works within the scope of the signalization project, Polat gave the following information about the subject: “Currently, 152 passages between Menemen and Bandırma are automatic, 72 are guarded controlled, the rest are uncontrolled. In this region, level crossing accidents are very intense. As a non-governmental organization, YOLDER prepared a draft regulation with the support of road personnel and presented it to our general directorate for the prevention of level crossing accidents. We need to increase awareness of level crossings. There are serious legal gaps and jurisdictions in this regard. TCDD is working very seriously on this subject even though it does not have a legal duty. We will continue to be followers of the issue for the necessary legal arrangements.

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