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"It is normal for Ankara, but in another part of the world, this situation cannot be met normally," said Alert of the Minister of Transport of Yıldırım, who said that it is "normal", to bianet.
The statement of Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım regarding the dent in the subway work that caused the death of Kadir Sevim four days ago in Ankara to the Turkish Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architects (TMMOB). Necati Uyar, Chairman of the Chamber of City Planners, evaluated the bianet.
“Risk research should be done”
Uyar said that he participated in the comment of Transport Minister Yıldırım as “it is normal”. “It is normal for Ankara, it can be repeated, and others may die. As long as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues in this way, similar accidents can be repeated. I attribute the Minister of Transport Yıldırım to find this situation 'normal' and to have enough information about Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. "When this type of situation is experienced in another modern city of the world and a citizen dies because of a reason that is not neglected, the responsible people are revealed and a person's life is calculated."
Uyar said that Ankara is very problematic in terms of infrastructure and this poses a risk area; Noting that Ankara has been excavated for 15 years and these excavations can cause serious deformations, he underlined that an investigation should be made on how and what size risk occurred.
Street to be closed to traffic
Reminding that the announcement that İsmet İnönü Street, where Kadir Sevim died, will be closed to traffic, was made three days before this incident occurred, Uyar said:
“It was announced that Cadde will be closed to traffic on June 25. A death occurred three days after the announcement was made. Although this street has been excavated for a long time, it has not been closed to traffic before. Was it known that there is such a risk of dent? So is such a decision taken? If this is known, the Municipality has direct responsibility for this death. ”
What did the minister say?
“We are working underground, this and similar events can be expected, it is normal. This is not only a state within Turkey. It is also normal in the world. What is the result, who is responsible, it would be unfair to judge without conducting research and examination. ”
When asked about rumors that cracks occurred at other points in the subway work in Ankara, Yıldırım said, “We work underground. Under Ankara, there are electricity, sewer circuits, all kinds of networks. In this regard, taking precautions is a difficult task, and similar events can still be expected ”.
Municipality: We are not responsible
Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek said on Twitter, "It is not possible to understand how we are responsible for the place we do not do".
Thereupon, Ali Hakkan, Head of the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects, reacted to Gökçek and said, “He handed over a subway construction that has been stopped for 10 years. The Metropolitan Municipality handed over a wreck to the Ministry of Transport. It is also known that Dikmen Creek passes through that route. How do we know that the subway next to the Ministry of National Education will not collapse? We cannot walk safely on the sidewalk. Was the construction started without supervision? An explanation must be made. ”
What happened?
Gökçek, after the subway works were suspended for a long time, “Making subways is a job that transcends the power of the municipalities. It is definitely not possible for us to make the subways by our existing economic opportunities. ”In May 2011, Ankara transferred the metro constructions to the Ministry of Transport.

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