If we had started 15 years ago we were now producing aircraft

His biggest dream is to see the tram called Silk Beetle walking in Kordon in Izmir, which has won 2020 EXPO.
Bursalı Durmazlar company succeeded to produce completely original Turkish tram in its own way. The first tram will be showcased at the fair in Berlin in September. "If we started this business 10 years ago, now we have rolled up our sleeves for aircraft production," says owner Hüseyin Durmaz.
Hüseyin Durmaz's biggest goal is to see his own trams, which they call the Silk Beetle both at home and abroad, carry passengers. Saying that he believes that İzmir will definitely host EXPO this time, the businessman says, “My biggest dream is to see Silkworm walking in Kordon in Izmir EXPO 2020”.
Make the tram. Maybe it sounds like an easy thing when you are told first. But when you get into the business, you see that it is an extremely difficult and complicated job. I had the opportunity to examine the first Turkish tram Silkworm at its factory in Bursa. Şehime Kahveci and one of the creators of the project Durmazlar I talked to Hüseyin Durmaz, the manager of the Holding, and talked about the issue.
First of all, it is useful to share information with our readers. Tram production is a branch of industry that requires high level technology. He wants special software for almost every place. With someone's patent, you can start this right away. But when you say yapay Let me do an original project from start to finish ız, you need a great R & D study. Thus Durmazlar60 engineers started to work in the R&D department since the start of this project. They are continuing at the same speed now… The total number of people working in the project is now 100 people. With the next orders, the number of employment will increase exponentially.
Here is the story of Hüseyin Durmaz and İpek Bug:
-The third silk beetle came out. When are we going to say that we've done this?
The first Silkworm prototype was working. The gray one we will take to the Innotrans Berlin Fair will be a vehicle that is completely finished and ready to go. On the day when our vehicle was loaded to the special truck, we will have reached the happy end in our adventure 2.5 years ago, we will have said 'Here it is OK' and from that moment we can start exporting abroad with the Rina certificate.
- How much of the vehicle is your masterpiece?
Let's say in two ways. The first one is 100% of us… We designed everything from scratch. Our first job was to obtain a 'Rail System Production Certificate'. We do everything. Our R&D department realized the needle-to-thread design. We have prepared special software, special machines, special molds for this. But even when we start mass production, we will not do it all. For example, it is not our job to produce armchairs, special fireproof fabric and engine. It is not rantabl anyway. We will take some things from the supplier industry.
If you ask the local rate, 40% of them are domestic right now. We plan to increase this to 5% in 70 years and to 10% in 100 years.
- Can a tram be used in all cities after it is produced?
Unfortunately it is not. All the software is rebuilt according to the city's capacity and topographic structure. Mechatronics (software operations) is the lifeblood of the work. How many Bogie can be used, what will be the capacity to recalculate everything.
- What is Bogie?
Let me summarize it as a walking gear. The trunk sits on them. This is the most important part. Our first bogie went to the VUZ test center in the Czech Republic. Here are boggies from all over the world being tested. They apply all the blows, pulls, pushes and cracks that they will see in 30 years. The slightest burr, crack, deformation, no tolerance to play milim. The first time, we passed these tests and obtained a certificate of reliability. Let me also say that we have printed our name as the sixth country that passed this test with its own product. Even they were amazed and appreciated.
- Where did you get the name Silkworm?
An original work of Bursa appeared. This city has made a name for itself with silk production for years. The silkworm is its most important creature. It was really nice. When you look at the front car from the side, you will see that the mirrors remind you of the silk beetle antennas… The world will recognize us like this…
- Will you make the subway wagon?
Of course it can be done. To say that my spelling is the 100% low system tram we do. The ride height from the asphalt road is only 35 centimeters. Older and disabled will be able to get on the ramp without having to go up the pavement. This is really hard work. But we did it…
- How many cars are currently being designed?
It will have five modules and three bogies. So it will sit on three bogie. The bogies at the beginning and end will have their engines. 280 people capacity. 58 people will be able to travel by sitting. This vehicle can move in both directions.
- Is the target domestic or abroad?
Of course we will be honored at home but our main goal is overseas sales. The type approval certificate is also complete. We will hear the greatest happiness when we start exporting it. As a user of our trams, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has been supporting us since the first day. Mayor Recep Altepe and Advisor to the President Mehmet Taha Aydın have supported the project since the beginning, and Taha Bey has consulted. From the moment they begin laying the rails, we will work hard to train the trams.
- What do you think about İzmir?
Let me say this first. İzmir is one of our most important cities with its culture infrastructure and business culture. But in spite of Turkey's leading trade fair business in difficulty in maintaining the old weight. I believe that you can host EXPO, which it has unfairly missed last time, this time. As soon as he gets it, he will be able to return to the old days of the fair. This fair brings movement not only to İzmir but also to our country. In short, everyone should support it. My dream is to see Silkworm carrying all the guests coming to the city on the streets of Izmir, which has won the 2020 EXPO. Silkworm on Kordon… Isn't it worth celebrating it on Kordon? ..
- You have a machinery factory. Not easy. How did this process begin?
My father Ali Durmaz made a serious industrial investment in his business life, which he started with his apprenticeship. Our company is 56 years old. We, the children, continue on the path drawn by him. My older sister Fatma and my brother Sinan are also at work. When we first started for this project, people were laughing officially. After a few months, they got rid of the tram "Where is the tram?" But, we worked day and night without giving up, and uncovered in 2,5 years. Even in the most relevant companies, the duration is considered to be 5 years. For example, in Bombardier, five years are given for such production…
- What size investment does this job require? Where are we in this business? Will we have an advantage in price?
Let me say this first. We we're late in the year 100 tram production in Turkey. Now we quickly stripped to do the most advanced jobs. In this way, support is essential. Looking at the place we have come in in 2,5 years, it is not possible not to get lost. I can very easily say this. If we had started this business 15 years ago, we have now rolled up our sleeves for aircraft production. Kısmet, God look great, we will enter again… As for the investment, an investment of 100 million Euros is required to start this business from scratch. In terms of price, we are at least 30% cheaper than our competitors. This gives us incredible competitiveness in such a market…

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