Ta! I'm writing: These rails will hurt Bursa

Sculpture-Garage-Altıparmak produced by the animators of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
I watched the movie of the tram. I love it! In short, the so-called "T1 Line" tram slips like oil,
the drivers of the vehicles passing by the three lanes parallel to the rails in the sparsely infrequently rapid path
The facts, I wish he was like in animation!
So, what are the facts?
Let's take it from the beginning.
First of all, the “nostalgic tram iniz to the Cumhuriyet Street has deviated from its purpose,
transportation. Because, the nostalgic vehicle that is already tired, has retired eternally, instead of today
tools were placed.
Come on.
If you say eniz How to make the T1 Line, connect the nostalgic line, expand the system sa
You can not connect!
Because the nostalgic line 650 volt, the T1 line works with the 750 volt DC supply.
This is why the T1 line will also be stored. And into the Culture Park!
Bursaray's 1500 volt works with DC power and its huge depots are in Odunluk Neighborhood.
Let's remember ..
You will claim to equip Bursa with rails, every line you make will be independent and
It will not be integrated! Someone should explain it!
Wait, it's not over.
The main issue is that the T1 Line is one way and the slope on the route!
Let's ask before and ask about the slope. Climbing uphill in the world
Is there a tram?
Technical guys say, "Tram, 8.2 incl.
Who wants to travel with a tram that moves like a dog?
One way, the point of the event! They will go from Heykel to Altıparmak-Çatalfırın, İnönü
Street, City Square, Wednesday, Stadium will have to do. So from İnönü Street
The nostalgic passage on Cumhuriyet Street is even unforgettable!
In the report of the project, the 2013 passenger demand in the 304 in the day
we know. In the last week's announcement of İMO Bursa Branch, the number of daily passengers of the T1 Line
maximum 34 bin was taken. It's almost a tenth of the demand. They also say, Bir T1 Line traffic
Will be relieved! "
Another problem is that the vibration generated by the tracks will be given to historical monuments, especially to Ulucami.
Is it calculated?
There are other elements that are not calculated. For example, on the T13 Line with the 1 stop, the tram will descend
how will passengers pass across the road? According to the project hali download the passenger on the right, no matter what state! Proj
The second line after T1 is Terminal, and the third line is Grasshopper-Green!
It is either a subway line that is essential for the Terminal route due to both passenger density and distance.
also metrobus .. So a faster system ..
These rails will hurt the lives of Bursa!
How did we set up such ambitious sentences? http://www.rayhaber.com’un creator, rail systems
consultant Levent Özen thanks to..
Ey Bursalı! See the truth
Every hole is full of holes,
Silent mold also made mistakes
Don't look at the train
Contact İhsan directly

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