Strong Words from CHP to the Government for the Dent in Ankara Metro and Izmir Metro

CHP Izmir MPs Alattin Yuksel, Mustafa Moroglu and Hulya Guven strongly criticized the government.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who attended the AKP Izmir Provincial Congress, retaliated for the remarks made by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim during his visit to Izmir and the speeches of the ruling party representatives.
CHP Izmir MPs Alaattin Yuksel, Mustafa Moroglu, Prof. Dr. Hulya Guven and Provincial Chairman Ali Engin, the party made a statement in the provincial building. Yuksel, "Binali Yildirim Nasrettin Hodja donkey opposite Erzincan'a rides," he said.
Deputy Chairman Yüksel also evaluated the issues on the agenda and expressed his condolences for the martyrs and evaluated the accident in Ankara Metro. Yuksel Speaking about the event that a worker lost his life due to experienced dent, "the only municipality in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey capable of working underground. Ankara 15 did not make one meter of subway per year. AKP's municipalities could not make the subway and the ministry came into play, 'you can not, we do' he said. Now the government began to work there. This government is experiencing significant fiasco on the first day in every business it starts. As soon as it started, a person lost his life and a collapse occurred in the middle of Ankara. All kinds of things emerged from the floor of the metro works in Izmir. From slime to the hardest granite in the world, all kinds of difficulties arose on the ground, but İzmir's subway works continue in a healthy way.
Due to the difficult conditions during the works, 3 contractor went bankrupt, but the municipality continues to work with its ability to make projects, technical staff and financial power. İzmir subway is about to be completed. Even the slightest delays in the mess velvelele and 'you can not' those who transferred their governments. Turns out they can't. They have a clumsy municipalities, a clumsy Transport Minister. Come to Izmir, Ankara or Istanbul, we make the metro. Come learn, I want to call here how to make the subway, ”he said.
Yüksel also reacted to the government's suggestion that yap Let's make the İzmir metro ', Ulaştırma Now after the difficult part of the Minister of Transport is finished' Narlıdere'ye, Buca, we take the metro 'he says. He constantly wants to get the rent of these works. These ministers mislead the Prime Minister and tell lies about Izmir. 80 is the largest municipality in İzmir. Ministers and the Prime Minister can say that we did it. This is a big lie. I'm not refraining from lying, we've corrected 4 times and we can't fix it for the fifth time. We think you knowingly and willingly misled the public.
It is İzmir Metropolitan Municipality that makes the rail system of İzmir. 600 has spent trillion pounds, the Ministry of Transport has not spent a single penny. Further extension works will be carried out jointly. 150 has allocated an annual French line. This government does not have any expenditure on that line. This government is living fiasco in everything it started. Minister of Transportation 41 caused the death of our citizens at the opening of the high-speed train. In Ankara, our children fell into the sewers and drowned. In the smallest rain, puddles and casualties occur up to the top of the cars, but we are experiencing minor problems in İzmir because İzmir has solved these problems. Earthquake is happening 1000 people are dying, can not get help for a long time. But the 300 million dollars to the rebels in Libya is very comfortable.
He is doing a dairy project. While Izmir has no problems, the government is putting thousands of children to hospital in the first week. 2-3 came to Izmir once a week. Two weeks in a row. Comedy made statements. The texture and chemistry of these ministers do not agree with Izmir. Foreigners in Izmir are in conflict with non-governmental organizations. They say that NGOs are exhausting themselves and that there is a sector that does not want investments, whereas it is the government itself that does not invest in Izmir. İzmir ranks 3 with the taxes it pays, and 72 ranks with the share it receives from public investments. This lies beneath the lies we are investing in Izmir. Leave the lie, the numbers are here.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has invested more than the government's public investments. ”

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