Domestic Brands Will Be Preferred in 400 Billion Dollar Urban Transformation

At the Vision 2023 meeting organized by İMDER and İSDER, it will be announced that domestic brands will be given priority in the 400 billion-dollar Urban Return Project, which includes fields such as Marmaray, Kanal İstanbul, Duble road, demolition and reconstruction in line with disaster works.
Vision 2023 meetings, organized to prepare the sectors for the 2023 target, this time brought together the business and construction machinery sector. TC Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergün under the auspices of Turkey Construction Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association (İMDER) and Stacker Distributors and Manufacturers Association (PSD's) sector meeting held with the support of closely related 400 billion dollars Urban Transformation Project Minister of Science, Technology and Industry, mentioned Nihat Ergun, X In the last 2 years, domestic goods in public tenders went from 25 to 35. We have traveled, but not enough. We should increase this rate to some 70 in some sectors. Urban transformation is an important opportunity for this. K
Place of property of the country, the world should use it
Evaluating the developments that the business and construction sector will face in the coming period at the Vision 2023 meeting, which was held with the participation of about a thousand people, Minister Nihat Ergün said, “Our motto is domestic goods, the world should use it, and it should be. We shouldn't just produce for ourselves. However, the competitiveness of domestic production kazanIn order for it to be successful, it must first find a response in the domestic market and then open up to the outside world. Otherwise, it is not possible to be successful in the global arena.” Pointing out that some habits should be abandoned in order to ensure the use of domestic products in the sector, Minister Ergün said, “If there is no significant difference in quality, price, after-sales service, it is not possible to explain the use of foreign products in any way. Unfortunately, beyond that, some products are preferred, even though they are expensive, just because they are a foreign brand. It is possible to come across this on an individual and company basis. For example, it is not possible for us to understand the approaches of some municipalities in this direction.” Emphasizing that it should be well known that such approaches will have a negative impact on foreign trade figures and current account deficit, Minister Ergün said, “These also affect our country's production skills and competitiveness. We never say let's produce it ourselves and use it. On the contrary, we say let's open up, discover the world, create innovations. However, the place of production is competitive power in the world. kazanIn order for it to succeed, it must first find a response in the domestic market and have its feet on the ground.”
Projects never count
Companies in Turkey, primarily representing major buyers, including the public buluşturduklarını Minister Ergun, said the law which they adopt product 10 percent of the recommended expensive, even if the preference for domestic goods. In the last 2 year, Minister Ergün announced that the domestic goods preference was increased from 25 to 35 in the percentage of domestic goods, and he gave information about what the business and construction machinery sector expects until 2023. Minister Ergun, Proj Marmaray Project is about to be completed. High speed train and double road projects continue. The third bridge to Istanbul and the Kanal Istanbul projects will go into world history. We are excited about the increasing need for housing and the fact that TOKI will build 10 housing in 500 annually. Disaster and rebuilding works in the disaster areas with the Urban Transformation Project which includes these. We can't end up counting these examples. 400 is a billion dollar investment move. Our priority is to follow these projects very closely in our domestic brands and especially in the construction and construction machinery sector. Önc
Exports 9 increased by 9 over the years
Turkey Construction Machinery Distributors Manufacturers Association Speaking at the meeting (IMD) Chairman Cuneyt Divriş, Turkey in work and building machinery, stating that they export to 127 country, "while the construction of dollars 2002 year exports 126 million, the figure in the year 2011 was 1,3 billion dollars and 9 years 9 the floor has grown. 2002 355 2011 2,461 9 7 6 3 12 61.000 2010 7.700 2011 11.250 2012 10 12.500 2012 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Cüneyt Divrş, stating that the XNUMX billion dollar trade volume of the construction machinery sector will exceed XNUMX billion dollars in the next XNUMX year, iş UM In our country, there are currently XNUMX units in the age range between seven years. With the increase of XNUMX for the year of XNUMX, a sales is expected around XNUMX. XNUMX in our sector, we expect to achieve the highest sales volume and turnover in the history of Turkey, "he said.
VAT should be withdrawn to% 8 on all machines
Construction sector in Turkey's fourth in Europe in the world, xnumx'inc takes its place as the largest market Divriş said "Turkey in the construction machinery market after China and India has the fastest growth rate in eight years. Our industry is open. We are in need of the construction equipment sector for all the works that will keep a country like Urban Transformation, Transportation, Logistics, Energy, Lower and Superstructure and we continue on our way with this awareness. K Emphasizing that the projects planned up to 11 will cause 2023 operator, thousands of manufacturing, service and sales urgent qualified personnel for the year, Cuneyt Dilvri emphasized the problems of the sector. It was proposed to be reduced to and in December 15.000 this group has been put into practice for some goods groups, 'he said. Cüneyt Divriş, ümüz The reduction of VAT to 1 has created a revival in our sector, but also brought some problems. Our demand is for the VAT to be deducted to 2011 on all machines iş.
Foreign investors should be encouraged
Speaking at the meeting, the Machinery and Machinery Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ISDER) Rızanur Meral, 100 billion-dollar export target of the machinery sector, said they expect to continue to increase support. Sharing an event with the participants, Rızanur Meral said, an We recently met with a Chinese company. As a concrete pump manufacturer, this company has ordered 1.200 units from a state. In Turkey, many copies of our total sales concrete pump 450 pieces. If we support public and private sector companies, we can persuade companies around the world to invest in our country. Eğer
Intellectual accumulation of capital must be ensured
Speaking at the meeting, Adnan Dalgakıran, President of Machinery and Accessories Exporters' Association, thanked the government for a comprehensive incentive package and said, kapsamlı We have asked for years of support, but with the latest incentive, we have been told that the call is here. Now is the time to show the innovative part of our industry. Şimdi 17 the world thanks to the efforts of the industry in Turkey so far. Pointing out that the great economy has been reached, Dalgakıran said, d The target is big now. In this direction, our needs differed. We have entered a period in which the business world will re-analyze itself. We have no clear idea of ​​how we can do this. But we have to think about it. Just as we are producing projects for higher quality human power, we should put different thoughts on this issue. Ins

Source: Hürriyet

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