The railways will connect Turkey with Iraq

Iraqi Ministry of Transport, railways Iraq through the Habur has announced that it intends to connect to Turkey.
Undersecretary of the Ministry Karim Nouri hand, he noted that the completion of railway projects in Iraq and Turkey reached an agreement with a French company to connect the railways. According to Al Jazeera, Ankara also promised to link this road to railways in Europe.
In his statement to the press, El Nuri said that the Basra-Berlin railway line is very old and is known as the Baghdad-Berlin line, it is at least as important as the Suez Canal in Egypt, and consists of two sections, the first section is completed in Iraq and the second section had said that he was still pending.
Pointing out that connecting with Arab states, especially Gulf states, will open the way to establish a railway connection between Gulf ports and Europe, al Nuri said that this is what Europe wants, but it will take a long time to complete.
On the other hand, the Iraqi Railroad Property Information Director Hi Jabr, said current railways could take place over Syrian territory binding on Turkey's railways and Turkish sides with the agreement to establish a joint railway company pointed found.
Cabr also underlined that Iraq attaches great importance to establishing a railway connection with Iran, especially through the south gate, to enter the Asian market. Stating that the efforts to establish a railway connection with the Arab states continue on a regular basis, Cebr noted that they aim to reach Europe through a connection with Syria.

Source: News 7

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