Ankara metro construction or Losses Wanted with Night Vision Camera

Inonu Bulvarı in Ankara, during the subway works carried out in front of the Land Forces Command, there was a dent. A citizen on the sidewalk was under the rubble. Search and rescue work continues.
There was a pit of about one meter in the place of Çayyolu Metro. During the dent, a citizen walking on the sidewalk fell into the pit and disappeared.
AKUT, Civil Defense and firefighting teams, the alleged citizen under the rubble to continue the search while another half-meter in the same area, led to panic.
A search was made in the nomadic area accompanied by trained dogs. Dogs entering the well could not find a citizen. Then, a person from the civil defense team, with the help of a night vision camera with the help of rope was landed.
Following the migration in the Ankara Metro, the Eskişehir road was closed to traffic. Kızılay direction of the vehicles formed by the vehicle has been extended to METU Junction. Due to the metro work, the 25 will be closed to traffic in June and the city will rehearse the traffic problems they will have after three days.

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