3 third bridge pays 10 annually

According to the former President of the PA, which evaluates the 3 annual business offer for the 10 bridge, the period is reasonable.
3 to be made in Istanbul. 10 2 20 14 9 19 of the Northern Marmara Highway Project, which won the tender for the Northern Marmara Motorway Project. The proposal for the closest operating time to the proposal of the partnership was given by Cengiz-Limak-Kolin-Makyol-Kalyon partnership, 4 year 7 month 2.5. Meanwhile 3 year has a monthly difference of 10. The investment cost of the project is XNUMX billion dollars. So what is the XNUMX annual construction of the bridge and the XNUMX annual operating time is enough? The former executives of the Privatization Administration stated that this period was reasonable and that the proposal should not be seen as an adventure.
No entry into adventure
En A bridge pays itself for 10 a year, İB said Tezcan Yaramancı, former President of the Privatization Administration (PA), who evaluated the result of the tender on ntvmsnbc. He said, ları There are vehicle projections related to the tender. The railroad will pass. Tenderers made an account considering this traffic. I cannot imagine that any organization will enter into an adventure without making these accounts seriously. They may have made their accounts based on a low profit margin. The bridge will run after 10 years; There is perhaps an option for the duration. It may be a plan to extend the period. Something has been considered. It is not a great investment to be an adventure. Bu
135 has a vehicle warranty
Chamber of Civil Engineers Istanbul Branch President Cemal Gokce 36 month is not a long time, stating that "adequate facilities, good organization and money problem unless the project can be finished in this time," he said. Gökçe + 10 year 20 daily operating time is given to the company and the toll 3 dollar + VAT. But there is no income, but the government promises to subsidize. This is the first time this road is applied, also the first time in the tender VAT privilege was brought a. Meanwhile 3. 135 for the bridge was guaranteed for a thousand vehicles. Over the Bosphorus bridges each day 200 over a thousand vehicles pass.

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