Train Hit The Truck On The Rail In Zonguldak

In Zonguldak, the van loaded with construction equipment skidded due to pebbles while passing through the railway. The truck that was trying to take off by pushing the surrounding people hit the train loaded with coal. There is no dead nor injured in the accident.
The accident occurred at noon in Tersane, Yeni Mahalle. Rıdvan Aydın, 26, who took construction materials to a customer at the shipyard's shore, wanted to cross the train tracks where the passage was prohibited with 67 DY 579 plate pickups under his management. The truck, which skidded due to the heavy load and the pebbles between the rails and its surroundings, could not cross the street. People around tried to push the truck down the tracks.
Meanwhile, the attendant at the level crossing about 100 meters away reported the situation to the Zonguldak Train Station. Officers from the Train Station also informed the engineers of Çetin Şen and Mustafa Cebecik, the coal-laden train number 11.10 belonging to the State Railways departing from Zonguldak at 23237. When the engineers arrived at the Tersane location, the train hit the van on the rails, even though they were slowing down. While the driver Rıdvan Aydın and the people around were running away, the truck was dragged about 20 meters in front of the train, causing great damage.
The lorry was removed from the train tracks with the help of the ladle and the train continued. An investigation was launched into the accident where there were no casualties.

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