Some Patience is Needed to Solve Bursa's Transportation Problem

Mayor Recep Altepe is determined to solve the problem of transportation.
But it doesn't come to you to be stable, to understand that things will be done with a magic wand.
It is not easy to rearrange the traffic in a built-up city and to bring new solutions to transportation problems.
Everyone in Bursa is aware of this situation, I think. Especially those who drive private vehicles are suffering from traffic stalking both on Mudanya side and Kestel side.
On the one hand, the construction of the Kestel line of Bursaray on the other and the road expansion work on the other.
Let's take a closer look at the past. During the construction of bridged intersections in many parts of the city during the traffic jam. Likewise, when the first digging hit Bursaray, the situation was the same.
When the construction period was completed and the projects were realized, the return of investments returned as a convenient transportation in the city.
Unfortunately, since these solutions partially fill the term in the short term, transportation investments are still the most important agenda item of the city.
Firstly, with the introduction of Kestel line, it will be possible to go to Bursa from one end to the other. With the integration of tram lines in the near future, the city's east, west and north will live fast, safe and cheap transportation.
The last days of the most talked about Mudanya road continues to work at full speed.
The contractor works well, but the only way to go in the direction of the road is to use the old way through the almond in the turn is a complete torture.
Especially on Sundays, unity visitors almost flow to Mudanya.
Of course, this heavy demand also tightens traffic.
When a self-conscious and disrespectful drivers are added, a complete complexity arises.
When human goes to enjoy Mudanya, the opposite turns into a nerve cube.
I was in Mudanya on the weekend both Saturday and Sunday. It was very enjoyable on Saturday. We didn't get traffic when we both left and back.
But on Sunday our return was a total retribution. Although I love Mudanya very much, I do not intend to go on weekends. This is my solution to myself. I don't know what your decision is, but I think so. It seems that we should be more patient to make Bursa a more livable city.
With the completion of transportation investments in all areas and the life of the projects, the face of Bursa will change. Of course, in order to live these beautiful days, we will be more patient.
They say patience, patience.

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Günceleme: 24/11/2018 18:18

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