Green Crescent Society President Balcı: Alcohol Should Be Banned in THY and Tcdd

Turkey Green Crescent Society General President of Muharram Balci, is not true of alcohol consumption in public transport, in line with Turkish Airlines he said this should be done with the Republic of Turkey State Railways alcoholic beverages.
Balcı made investigations in Afyonkarahisar, which came to the agenda with the ban on consuming alcoholic drinks in public places. Visiting Afyonkarahisar Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu in his office, Balcı supported the alcohol ban. At the beginning of the visit, Governor Balkanlıoğlu said, “What do you get except whiskey, raki, beer? You know, we banned the drink. ” This joke caused laughter.
Stating that he supports the alcohol ban decision, Muharrem Balcı said, “Contrary to what is desired to be reflected to the public in some media, a new ban has not been put forward with the decision of the Afyon Governorship. This regulation is already applied in provinces such as Eskişehir, Ordu and Çankırı. Besides, the legislation that is the basis of this decision of the Governorship is not newly regulated. Therefore, it is not the decision of the Afyon Governorship that should be emphasized, but why the implementation of this legislation in other provinces is neglected. We support this decision and we want it to be implemented in other provinces. ”
United States and made arrangements regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages in an open field in the European countries that, Balci suggesting that delayed about these restrictions in Turkey, asked the Turkish Airlines and Republic of Turkey State Railways inhibition also of non-alcoholic beverages. Claiming that alcohol used in public transportation disturbs the passengers, Balcı expressed the following views:
“In general, drink consumption in public places is legal in European countries, but various restrictions are imposed on the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas by local authorities. Public transport is at the top of these areas. Let us say it with your means here: Drink service at Turkish Airlines and State Railways is actually against the law and the law. There should be no drinks served in public transport. Yeşilay is after that too. ”
Reminding that millions of people die every year due to alcohol and cigarettes, Muharrem Balcı said, “Alcohol and cigarette producers make genocide all over the world, but nobody can say that this massacre is stopped.”
Muharrem Balcı, who criticized an article of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Sale and Presentation of Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Beverages, continued as follows:
“In the regulation, 'It is not possible to sell alcoholic beverages containing more than 5 percent alcohol by volume in the stores and restaurants of fuel stations'. He excluded beer here. We are trying for it. Beer is also alcoholic. Any alcohol on zero promill should be banned, since it is not known who will be drunk by how many promiles. Unfortunately, the sensitivity of our Governor does not exist anywhere in the public. A beverage containing 0.26 promil alcohol under the name of non-alcoholic beer went on the shelves to allow even 5-6 year old children to reach. We are fighting against that. ”
BEHZAT Ç. encourage the
During a visit to Balcı, a journalist said, “Behzat Ç. and alcohol use is criticized in some other series. What is your opinion on this matter? ” He answered the question:
“Behzat Ç. is a figure. Only Behzat Ç. Today, when we look at TV series and movies, we see that many things are encouraged in a sense of innocence. There is a perception of innocence about smoking, alcohol, excuse me, homosexuality and incest. Incest relationships and homosexual relationships are encouraged in the series. Behzat Ç. also draws a profile that drinks 18 hours a day. This is against human nature, nature of things. If you drink 18 hours a day in the Police Department, someone is not hosted for a drink at the beginning. Especially it will give violent incentives, talk slang, which will be published in 'prime time'. No such thing. This is why we are against Behzat Ç. Otherwise, we do not object to the movies. ”
The Governor of Afyonkarahisar İrfan Balkanlıoğlu stated that they did not make a new regulation regarding the prohibition of alcohol and that they carried the practice in the book titled “Governor's Decisions Regarding Public Security Services” to the Afyonkarahisar. Balkanlıoğlu continued as follows:
“There were also picnic spots in the book's decisions. I drew picnic places, I wouldn't draw if I have a current mind. If you read the scope of the decisions in the book prepared by the Directorate of Public Security Department of the General Directorate of Security, it is the same decision we made. However, I drew picnic areas. "This is the conservatization project of the people, different prohibitions come after it, intervention in the way of life of the people".
Balkanlıoğlu reminded that there is a different perception about alcohol use in the society than the general acceptance and expressed the following:
“Apart from our country, there is no society and thought which is believed to be a necessity to increase the level of civilized nations, to drink alcohol and drink. People who drink alcohol are contemporary, civilized, high, and acceptable. But people who do not drink alcohol are behind, they are not acceptable, they are not community people, they have social problems, and there is no society in which it is defeated. ”
After the speeches, the Yeşilay Society offered a plaque to Afyonkarahisar Governorate, and an old Afyon photograph with a Yeşilay banner and chocolate. Balkanlıoğlu said, “Isn't this chocolate liqueur? Let's also serve the press members of non-liqueur chocolate ”.

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