He missed the plane and paid for it!

On the way to Adnan Menderes Airport, the sister-brother who kidnapped the plane due to the failure of the high-speed train, filed a lawsuit against İZBAN and took back the ticket money.
İsmail K. filed a lawsuit against İZBAN through his lawyer Ufuk Kula. At the hearing, İZBAN was sentenced to pay 233 liras and moral indemnities, with air tickets holding 500 liras.
Emphasizing that the decision is a precedent, according to the news of Ceyhan Torlak from Egeli Sabah, Lawyer Ufuk Kula said, “There is no lawsuit filed against İZBAN in this way before. Both the decision and the case are the first. My client and her older sister should have been at the airport at 08.49 according to the tariff published on the website of IZBAN, but missed the plane due to a train malfunction. The reason for my client's moral compensation was the doubling of this sadness because he could not attend the funeral while experiencing the sadness of losing his relative. ”
Dropped by the news of death
The cause of the precedent decision took place in Izmir on March 17, 2011 last year. İsmail K., married and father of one child, was destroyed by telephone from his relatives on March 34, 16. Ismail K. learned from his relatives that his cousin Engin Emeksiz, who lives in Tekirdag, died at the age of 2011 as a result of kidney failure. After receiving the bitter news, İsmail K. decided to go to the funeral ceremony to be held a day later with his 42-year-old sister İlknur A. Her sister and brother, who wanted to see their cousins ​​on their last trip, bought a flight ticket from Izmir to Istanbul on March 41, 17 at 2011. İsmail K. called his relatives and asked them that they will come to the plane and that the funeral will be held in the afternoon prayer instead of lunch. İsmail K., who got permission from the workplace, left his home on the morning of March 10.10, to go to the airport with his sister.
Şirinyer with belt lasted about 1 hours
İsmail K. and İlknur A. preferred Metro and İZBAN to go to the airport without getting stuck in traffic. After getting on the Metro from Bornova station at 08.05 hours, the sister who got off from Halkapınar station passed to İZBAN at 08.15 by transfer. The train, which stopped when it passed after passing Kemer Station, stopped 45 minutes on the half way before arriving at Şirinyer Station. When the journey between Kemer and Şirinyer lasted nearly 1 hour, İsmail K. and İlknur A. decided to get off the train and take a taxi. The sister and her brother who arrived at the airport at 10.00:10.10 am after taking a taxi from Şirinyer were not taken on the plane to depart at XNUMX because they had to be at the airport at least half an hour before domestic flights. The sister and brother, who could not attend the funeral of their cousins ​​when they missed the plane, had to return with great sorrow.
At the last hearing precedent decision
İsmail K. filed a lawsuit against İZBAN through his lawyer Ufuk Kula. He also requested a 500 lira moral compensation as a representation. Attorney Ufuk Kula presented the boarding and arrival times published on İZBAN's website as proof, with his Kent card documents showing that his client İsmail K. got on and off İZBAN. İZBAN lawyers, on the other hand, suggested that İZBAN was waiting and there was no malfunction due to power outage. Lawyer Kula requested a letter from TEDAŞ and TCDD to refute this claim. The letter from TEDAŞ reported that there was no power cut in Izmir on the day of the incident, while TCDD stated that the train stopped due to electrical failure. With the articles from TEDAŞ and TCDD, the claim that İZBAN had a power outage was refuted. In the last hearing of the case, which lasted about 1 months in the 11st Civil Court of Peace, a precise decision was issued. Judge Necat Kurak decided that İZBAN pay 233 lira for non-pecuniary damages with the money of air tickets holding 500 lira.

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