Mouse Trap for TÜVASAŞ !!!

TÜVASAŞ: A mouse peering through a crack in the wall saw the owner and his wife open a package.
When he said he had food, he took a mousetrap.
He ran to the garden and gave the alarm; There's a house closure! There's a house closure!
The chicken hung up and hung the head and said, unfortunately, it doesn't have a side of interest to me personally, although this is a serious problem for you.
The sheep was interested in the matter but, on his own account, I'm sorry, Mr. Mouse, woe, woe, be sure, I will pray for you.
Ox, Mr. Mouse, I'm sorry for you, but it's not something I'm gonna stick my nose in.
The mouse had no other choice but to keep its head down.
In the sense of loneliness and abandonment, the mousetrap would no longer be alone!
There was an unusual sound at home that evening.
It was like a trap was closed on the prey.
The wife of the farmer who ran to the sound didn't see her being caught in the tail of a poisonous snake, and the snake bit her.
The farmer took his wife to the hospital, his wife returned home as a hot patient.
What is given to the hot man E? A hot chicken soup !!!.
The chicken was cut off immediately and cooked urgently.
But the woman was still not recovering, E came to visit the friendly buddy, the farmer had to remove the sheep to the table.
No matter what they did, the farmer's wife died.
His funeral was very crowded. Naturally, the ox was slaughtered this time.
While all of this, the mouse is left to watch what is happening after the hole.
Now please read in the context of this short article after that!
Because Cihat Koray was what he said, but the public did not learn to take his warnings into consideration.
Yes, the Government and relevant ministries Liberalization of Railway Transport of Turkey Koray Jihad talked with Law draft.
More precisely he spoke as I wrote;
Liberalization First Railway although Turkey has been given the name of the Transport Liberalization Law sözcüLet me state that it is used instead of the word "privatization" since the public is no longer eating.
There are two reasons for presenting the law under the name of liberalization; The first is to hide their incompetence and disgrace in the privatization practices carried out so far, and the second is to hide the privatization of TCDD from the public.
This should not be the method and method of preparing such a law.
It would be more democratic to prepare such a life-long law as well as the preparation of a draft law before the preparation of the draft law and the preparation of such a committee as a result of the cooperation of a delegation of related parties.
They prepared it, they sent it and they demanded our opinion in a short and insufficient time like a week.
In other words, it is clear that our opinions and thoughts are not taken seriously but they are moving within the understanding that they should be replaced.
Therefore, we are not asked to contribute, our opinions and thoughts are not given importance.
And they say that the law has a secret agenda and the items that are intended to be hidden, uncomfortable branching.
The article "The Minister is authorized in case of dispute in matters related to the transfer and allocation procedures" makes the Minister of Transport the boss of TCDD, TÜRKTREN AŞ and their organizations, our fate is between the lips of a person ...
This is incompatible with the social and legal state principles.
Practices to privatize railways have been tried in many countries, but have not been successful. England is the latest example of this ...
I see the fact that the pension bonuses will be paid more than% 30 as a study which is thought to break the reaction to the legalization of the law, not to the benefit of the personnel.
With this law, the scope of subcontracting will be further expanded.
TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ will be liquidated.
Global capital will be paved the way for them to become a monopoly, and this will cause great damage to the Turkish economy.
This draft law, which is prepared, contains many questions in its content.
It is clearly seen that the main purpose is not to bring TCDD to a modern and contemporary structure but to privatize it under the name of liberalization.
It is against the social state principle that TCDD, which was established for public service, to be transformed into a profit-making company and the transportation service to be converted into a product purchased with money.
Therefore, the most accurate action is to withdraw the draft law.
I think that the restructuring of TCDD will be more beneficial and beneficial for both the institution and our country, with a commission formed by the relevant parties.

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