TÜVASAŞ will continue on its way to strengthening

TÜVASAŞ: "Turkey's Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport" The reason it is desirable to make the draft laws were understood ...
Turkey-EU financial cooperation carried out under the "Turkish Railway Sector Restructuring and Development Project of" twinning component of the scope of a draft law on Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry to restructure the sector prepared ...
Until May 21, 2012, the ministry of these institutions, including the Railway-work, Transport Employees Officer-You, Türk İletişim Sen, BTS, DTD, TOOB, Chamber of Shipping, TŞOF, TOFED, UND, UTİKAD and SS All Motor Transporters Cooperatives Central Union. asked them to make a review and evaluation about the draft law ...
I do not know how the opinions of the institutions I mentioned above reflected to the ministry…
However, it is not true today that the people looking at this draft will say that TÜVASAŞ will be privatized.
Because TÜVASAŞ works as a joint subsidiary of TCDD affiliated to the GCC, which is affiliated with the Public Economic Organization.
According to the new draft, TÜVASAŞ will work under the name of the IDT, which is also affiliated to the KIT, directly under the Ministry of TCDD.
First of all, let's open a bit about KIT…
State Economic Enterprise (SEE): refers to State Organizations operating in the economic sphere through the use of public resources in general, although the concept changes from state to state.
In the Decree Law No. 233, SEEs are subjected to a dual distinction as economic state enterprises and public economic institutions and are defined as follows.
Public Economic Enterprise (SEE) "Enterprise"; It is the common name of the economic state enterprise (IDT) and the public economic institution (JCC).
Economic state organization (IDT) “Organization”: It is a public economic enterprise whose capital is entirely owned by the State, established to operate on the basis of commercial principles in the economic field.
Public economic institution (JCC) “Foundation”; It is a public economic enterprise, which is owned or owned by the State, that is established to produce and market monopoly goods and basic goods and services.
After the enactment of this law, the immovables belonging to TCDD, which are in the use of TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ, will be transferred to the relevant entities free of charge.
This means that TÜVASAŞ will be the owner of the production areas and social facilities where the tenant has stood to this day.
Obviously, TÜVASAŞ will grow as an organization operating on its own assets ...
Looking at the new draft law, a company called TÜRKTREN AŞ is being established…
The staff assigned to the established company is a general directorate, 3 deputy general directors, five departments, one is the head of the Board of Inspectors, one is a legal advisor, and one is a press advisor.
Again, the temporary third article of the draft law of the civil servants and contracted employees who receive the right to pension within six months, retirees of pensioners are paid more than thirty percent say.
As it is understood in this article, it does not include employee personnel…
If it were covered, the number of workers of TÜVASAŞ would be halved.
This draft law shows TÜVASAŞ to continue its production more strongly than to keep it finished and to privatize.
In the meantime, 55 workers came to my ear from a very important source from the approval of the minister.
It is my hope that, with its successful management, recruitment of workers to TÜVASAŞ is not limited to 55, but it continues on its way by increasing its market share in the domestic, Middle Eastern and European markets.
Stay healthy ...

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