Turkey Transport Union (TUS) Sakarya Branch President Omar Shield, in his press statement opposed the moving of the TÜVASAŞ.
Stating that CAF Factory in Zaragoza, Spain, where high-speed train sets will be purchased, serves on 71 thousand 800 square meters, BOMBARDİER's largest factory is on 151 thousand square meters and Iran's VAGONPARS is on 330 thousand square meters. established into a thousand square meters operating land, 359 said that the production area is a thousand square meters indoor.
Kalkan continued his words as follows: ın As a result, TÜVASAŞ's problem is not the shortage of operating land, but the lack of qualified personnel. TÜVASAŞ has not been employed for years. Lack of labor force is tried to be compensated through service procurement. With the increase in subcontracting, the level of productivity and job quality is decreasing day by day.

Source : sakaryayenigun.com.t is

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