Samulaş Visit from Tütev

Turkey Technical Staff Foundation (TUTEV) Samsun Branch, conducted a technical visit samulaş.
The visit, attended by 20 technical staff from TÜTEV, took place in the workshop and warehouse area of ​​SAMULAŞ, on the Ankara road, where the operation directorate is located. The visitors were welcomed by the business manager Engin Çilingir and the technical team and were taken to the training hall. A presentation including technical information about the light rail system was made by SAMULAŞ Training Chief Sefa Demirbaş to the technical staff attending the visit in the training hall. Sefa Demirbaş said that the number of daily passengers transported by the light rail system is increasing day by day and reaching 50 thousand people. Stating that the people of Samsun have adopted the rail system and preferred it for a comfortable and reliable journey, Demirbaş said that they are working to maximize their service quality.
Operations manager Engin Çilingir said that they were very happy with TÜTEV's visit, and that it was especially important for the technical staff to get to know the light rail system closely and explain it later. Stating that they serve as SAMULAŞ with 239 personnel and 16 vehicles, Çilingir said that they can carry more passengers with the extension of the existing line. Çilingir pointed out that the light rail system in Samsun is 'the line with the most beautiful view' among the similar ones in the country.
After the presentation of the technical presentation and the catering made by SAMULAŞ, the visiting team, the control room and the workshops were visited. Ziya Kalafat, mechanical engineer, was the engineer of the workshop. The technical staff members of the visit were very pleased with the visit.
After the visit, the visitors of SAMULAŞ took a souvenir photo.

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