'' Turkish Train '' departed from Ankara

"Turkish Train", prepared within the scope of 735. Year Karaman Turkish Language Festival events, set out for Karaman with a ceremony organized by Ankara Train Station.
Minister of National Education Dinçer, who attended the ceremony, stated that the beginning of all the journeys expressed a farewell and separation, explaining the sadness.
Dinçer stated that the writers and artists will also take place in the "Turkish Train", which will take off, "I am very happy that the Turkish Congress of Youth will take place in Karaman, proudly bearing the title of Turkish capital in the 735th anniversary of the Turkish Language Festival. In this congress, I would like to give a little advice to our young people who will discuss the language of the new constitution and law, the more our students read and the more they improve their vocabulary, the more they will have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings as much as they show their efforts and care. ”
Expressing that the rise of the cultural level of a society is directly proportional to the development of his language, Dinçer said that Turkish, one of the oldest and deep-rooted languages ​​of the world, is spoken by approximately 200 million people in the world.
Dinçer said, “However, in order to make this great treasure our own, we will reuse it every day. kazanOur mother, Yahya Kemal, said, "Turkish is my mother's milk in my mouth," and we should always keep a language awareness, care and love alive.
- "A generation who does not read is catching up" -
Minister Dincer, continued:
“If we are expressing ourselves with an average of 300-400 words a day today, moreover, if we do not pronounce these words correctly and well, and cannot write them correctly, we cannot benefit from the possibilities of this great treasure. Certainly, it cannot be expected that each of us has all the means of expression like a writer and a poet. But we should all have an effort to use Turkish correctly, beautifully and simply. We should ensure this by creating language awareness and love of language, not with prohibitions, sanctions. Not only our teachers, parents, institutions but also all of us have great responsibilities in this regard. ”
Emphasizing that the most effective way of learning is to read books, Dinçer said that students should develop their reading skills and develop the habit of reading and writing. kazanHe said that their education is shaped especially in the primary school age.
Dinçer said, “As the Ministry, children and young people get acquainted with outstanding examples from Turkish and World literature, at appropriate ages, and develop their reading pleasure and habit. kazanWe have accelerated our work for To the extent that we can enrich our children's vocabulary through works in which our Turkish is used beautifully and effectively, we will increase the number of conscious young people who will protect the great heritage of Turkish.”
Expressing that today, a generation that does not read has begun to grow, not only in Turkey but also in other countries of the world, Dinçer said that he has taught children and young people the habit of reading in a life that has changed significantly with technologies such as television, internet and computers. kazanHe stated that it is imperative to use attractive, not coercive, methods to attract young people to libraries. Dinçer said, "Otherwise, we will deprive our children of language and its opportunities, which are the only means of expressing themselves and liberating themselves."
- “Turkish is our national identity” -
The Governor of Karaman Süleyman Kahraman reminded that the Turkish Train departed from Haydarpaşa Station last year, and this year, starting from Ankara, Kırıkkale will pass through Kayseri and reach Karaman.
Stating that they care about being on the road of Turkish and they care about this journey, Kahraman said, “The meanings that connect us to each other in Turkish are hidden. Every word of Turkish teaches us that we are not the only one, we cannot be. The Turkish Train will actually travel between hearts, not between cities. We want and wish that every person living in this land should be aware of the meaning of our Turkish. ”
AK Party Karaman Deputy Mevlüt Akgün stated that language is the basic communication tool in the people's tool and said that language is also one of the basic elements that make nations a nation.
Akgün said, "We think that Turkish is our national identity, our dignity and the greatest patriotism in our words, to protect Turkish, to fight for its development and beautification".
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that he was pleased with the inclusion of railways in the celebrations of Turkish Language Holiday and stated that trains are transporters of culture as well as culture carriers.
Explaining that the train will hold various events in Kırıkkale and Kayseri stations, Karaman reminded that it is easier to reach Karaman by high-speed train.
Karaman Mayor Kamil Uğurlu stated that Karaman was declared as the language capital and that they plan to create a large center by collecting all the works and writings written in Turkish.
After the speeches, Minister Dinçer, who went to the Turkish Train with the participants, put on the movement officer's hat and sent off the train using the movement disc.

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