Today and Tomorrow Conference of Tunnel Projects and Rail Systems in Istanbul

BATTERY ANS campus 1. The building was opened in 14.00 at the conference hall of Abdullah Kaptan. Dr. Ahmet Şentürk did.
France takes advantage of nuclear energy
Istanbul University Mining Engineering Department Assoc. Dr. Ibrahim in January, said that Turkey is the country road. IU Faculty Member, who noted that most of the intercity transportation is done by road, Assoc. Dr. İbrahim Ocak gave information about the history of rail systems. Assoc. Dr. Ibrahim Ocak, 1851 1923 8 700 XNUMX kilometers around the railway network was built and the timely introduction of the railway network, reported that did not bring. January, France, the vast majority of the energy consumed by nuclear energy, South Africa and Poland, said the coal.
Addictive bad
İU faculty member Assoc. Dr. İbrahim Ocak said: 'We produce 80% of the energy we are consuming from natural gas. The majority of this is taken from outside. However, important mineral resources in our country can be used in energy production. Rail systems are important in terms of energy, economic, environmental, time loss, noise pollution, passenger safety. 2004 44 mile rail system was added to the metro line in Istanbul until 2004. A total of one million people are transported daily by rail systems in Istanbul. This number is low by world standards. Bu

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